Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Patterns, Colors

Above are a few of the images I have been downloading off the internet for inspiration. For the past year I have been thinking a lot about working with textiles. I've been trying to experiment with digital printing on fabric, screen printing on fabric and painting fabric. I am not sure exactly what these fabrics will end up being but at the moment, I just love putting image and color onto it.

Its interesting to see how similar most of these images are when you put them all together. Its hard to tell when you are just dragging images onto your desktop. Most of the time it just seems random. Is this what you call a 'mood board'? I think I just made my first mood board!

*** I totally forget where these images come from or who made the pieces in them. If you know, please let me know. And if you made any of these, just holler and I will be happy give you credit.


  1. The dresses on the bottom left are from Gorman - http://www.gormanshop.com.au/ They make lovely things!